California Delta Conference

California Delta is a professional development conference designed to enhance teacher effectiveness in the classroom and beyond. It is a year-long professional development experience designed to increase the competence and confidence of teacher-leaders. 

Since its inception, the Delta Conference has been the premier Agriculture Educator Professional Development event nationwide. Although developed nearly two decades ago, less than 90 California teachers have participated in this transformational program. Geographic location and funding have prevented mass participation for California educators. A reimagined CA Delta is now more accessible for years to come to California ag teachers.     

Participants will be immersed in a personal and professional atmosphere of support and collegiality. They will be challenged to explore their teaching, learning, and leading perceptions, analyze their current instructional design and leadership effectiveness, examine best practices, and adopt models and strategies to increase their impact.

Participants will be placed into mentor groups and collaborate with colleagues and mentors to apply advanced models and strategies to lessons. The Mentors, who are accomplished teachers and Delta graduates, will lead participants on a professional development school year journey. 

Participants will gather in August for the beginning of the program. They will meet in the fall and then culminate the program at CATA Summer Conference in June. Between physical seminars, participants will meet with their mentoring groups virtually. 

Specifics for the program are listed below:

Seminar Timeframe

  • CA Delta Experience (July/August)
     4 days
  • Fall Meet, Fresno (During New Professionals)
     1 day
  • CATA Summer Conference Culmination (June)
     2 days


Virtual Mentoring Hours 
  • Pre-conference Mentoring Introduction             
     2 hours  
  • Mentoring Sessions
     8 - 12 hours  

Participant Responsibilities 

Participants are responsible for 100% attendance at all pre-scheduled activities. Participants are also responsible for travel costs to and from all events. Participants are expected to complete all pre-work for meetings and actively participate in all seminars.