CATA Hall of Fame

For 98 years the California Agricultural Teachers’ Association has been dedicated to the service of vocational agriculture, agriculture education, and the FFA members of this great state. In 2000, an idea was born that would result in the recognition of those who have excelled in such service. Ken Harris, past CATA Executive Director and past San Joaquin Regional Supervisor, was the driving force in organizing the efforts resulting in what we now call the CATA Hall of Fame.

The CATA is responsible for overseeing the selection and presentation of the Hall of Fame members. Inductees are nominated by their peers then selected by a committee comprised of past CATA presidents as well as past Hall of Fame inductees.

CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2002 

Dale Andrews Karl Bakken Jerry Biggs H.H. Burlingham Howard Chappel
George Couper Dick Crabill Lionel Cross Jerry Davis Howard Dickson
Lloyd Dowler Kenneth Easter Ed Fisher J. Cordner Gibson Arthur Godfrey
Dave Graf  Ted Gregg Richard Havens  Don Hendricks Stan Hodges 
Kenneth Holmes  Gilbert Hutchings  Marty Jack  Wes Jamison  Bruce Jensen
Elwood M. Juergenson Emile LaSalle  Edward F. Leal  Les McCabe  Chester McCorkel
Byron McMahon  Dean McNeilly  Julian McPhee  Dixie Mitchell  Dick Mosbarger
W.L. "Pappy" Norton Jay Palmer Harold Peck Warren Reed Alfred "Sam" Rutherford
C. Paul Stark Chris Starr Sidney Sutherland Ernest Tarone Leo Thibault
Lionel Tocher J. Everett Walker Roland Wentzel Don Wilson Harold Wilson
Gordon Woods     
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2003
Robert Actis Hal Carlton Jack Chappell John DeJong Richard Rogers
Oroville Thompson Gordon Tibbs    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2004
James Dyer James King Kermit Kliewer Harry Maddux Joe Sabol
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2005 
Richard Boucher Larry Crabtree Leonard DeRuiter   
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2006
James Bailey Keith Smith    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2007
Alfred DeRose, Jr. Bill King    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2008
Sanford Beck Lloyd Hokit Ronald Hutchings Westley Patton William Rienstra
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2009
Lloyd Doster Gino Farinelli Ralph Loya Clayton Oilar Larry Rathbun
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2010
Abdul Mohamed Stanley Rose    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2011
Richard Nimphius Bud West    
 CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2012    
Warren Weaver     
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2013
Glen Casey Bill Loveridge    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2014
Del Petersen     
Hall of Fame - Class of 2015    
Ken Harris     
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2016
Ron Alves Del Clement Jim Porter Anthony Silva Stan Uchiyama
Gerald Wenstrand     
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2017
Robert "Mr. Bob" Cummings Christine Dickson    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2018
Gerald Clark David DeSilva Flint Freeman Bob Heuvel Jean Landeen
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2019
Steve DeRose William Kellogg    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2020    
Mark Anglin  Mark Bender  Kevin Koelewyn  Gary Lesh   PJ LoCoco
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2021
Roy Beck Debbie Benson Mark Clement Joe Cosentino Jim Drew
Annette O'Kelley Roseann Vuich    
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2022
Jim Aschwanden Darlene Gilles George Gomes Jack Havens Max Jones
Mike Rourke Kerry Stockton Frank Tebeau   
CATA Hall of Fame - Class of 2023
Marc Coleman Ken Dias Darol Fishman Lloyd McCabe Mike Spiess